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Reusable Fly Trap - The Ranch Outdoor Fly Trap Killer Bug Cage Net Perfect For Horses

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Reusable Fly Trap - The Ranch Outdoor Fly Trap Killer Bug Cage Net Perfect For Horses
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Homemade Bait - Baiting flies is as easy as putting some expired food into the bait bowl or some old fish bait. 

Flies love anything that is smelly and disgusting so the bait is not hard to come by. We do have an at-home recipe for fly bait by mixing in 1 cracked egg, 5 packets of Splenda, and 1 small packet of yeast.

Set it directly in the sun and as the sun begins to warm the bait up the flies will flock to the bait. Whatever you see the flies attracted to you can use as well (I know gross.....) 



Attract - Using the trap to attract the flies will clear other areas that you would otherwise not want the flies in. We never place our fly net traps in the problem area but instead outside of the area. For instance, we set the flytraps outside of the stable away from the horses. The fly population will start shifting away from the horses and towards the fly net trap. 

 Layout method:
1. In the spring and autumn season, it hangs in the sunny place, and it hangs in the sun where it can not be exposed to the sun in summer.(protect from light)
2. Because flies are fond of stinking objects, it is suggested that bait should be selected for food, such as fish intestines, rotten fruits, etc., as far as 20 centimeters away from the ground.
3. This product is widely used in public places, such as parks, families, vegetable farms (farmers market), canteens, restaurants, slaughterhouses, farms, greening belts, food processing plants, toilets, garbage rooms (fields) and other public places and outdoor environments.
4. This product is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and safe new fly fishing apparatus, which is made strictly by dozens of processes. It is easy to operate, easy to understand, and high catch fly rate.
5. Its principle is to use food bait to entice flies into the cage and enter the cage without food to die naturally.

Warm Tips:
Cages are seduced in, bait is the key, with chicken and duck viscera, fish viscera, rotten fruit, brown sugar + rice, pasta, cream popsicle, corn stick and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the bait?

Here are a few of the most common baits used by our customers who have had awesome results:

  • Wet Cat Food - It's no secret that cat food doesn't smell very good, this is what makes it a great starting bait to test because it has a strong, unpleasant smell and is also fairly moist which flies love. We highly recommend 'fancy feast' cat food which you can buy in most pet stores or online, the fishy cat food goes down very well with flies. To make your cat food bait even better, add some beer or milk and let it turn inside the bait bowl.  
  • Fish - Many customers have found success using sardines as bait, once they are outside and exposed to the elements for a little while, they become lovely and stinky, making the trap super appealing to flies. In general, flies are very attracted to the pungent aroma that fish let off, so it's definitely worth testing any fish you have available. Honorable mentions to tuna, kippers, and salmon also. TIP: Once in the open, fish will dry up quickly, so make sure you add some olive oil to the bait bowl or milk or beer.
  • Starbar Fly Attractant - This bait has proven itself time and time again for many of our customers, it's completely non-toxic and shouldn't attract any of your other animals on the farm since it is a powder that mixes with water rather than actual food. It's available in most farm shops. 
  • Rescue Fly Attractant - Similar to StarBar, rescue fly attractant is also a big winner amongst our customers, find it also in farm shops/tractor supply 
  • Feeling creative? - Mix 65% powdered egg or 2 raw eggs with 25% yeast, 15% sodium bicarbonate and then mix with water to make a thick solution. Leave for a couple of days to let it become nice and stinky and you're all set. 
  • POOP! - Pretty gross, but if you live on a ranch with lot's of animals, you'll have this in abundance, so it does make sense to use it. Feel free to add it to any of the above, combinations of every bait we mentioned works great.


 Flies thrive off standing, smelly liquid. So make sure your bait is not dry or it will not attract flies.

Again, there is no right answer on what bait to use, but if your bait bowl is not the smelliest or most foul substance/item on your farm then you may be reducing the effectiveness of your Fly Trap. It's important to remember we are dealing with live creatures here, creatures that are thriving off hanging onto your animals. If the bait bowl isn't smelly enough to draw them from your horse, they will never leave. 

Once you hit the sweet spot you will know right away, similar to the snowball effect, flies will be drawn to where other flies are congregating and your trap will be almost full before you know it.

How should I set up the trap?

  • Height - The height placement of your Fly Trap is absolutely vital. The lower you can hang the trap to the ground, the better. Generally, flies always fly, eat, poop, and breed no more than 5ft off the ground. Placing a trap above 5 ft or hanging it off the ceiling of a high barn, for example, will seriously negate the effectiveness of your trap. We've had customers in the past originally hang their fly trap above our recommended maximum of 5ft with no luck but then found instant success after placing it below our guidelines.
  • Location - The location of your trap must be carefully considered because if the trap is placed in an enclosed area where flies can't access easily then for obvious reasons it won't have any success. Similarly, if you place a trap away from your animals or where there aren't many flies in the area then it would be pretty difficult for your trap to attract those flies that are currently on your animals from a distance. So if you own a horse, for example, we highly recommend placing traps around the paddocks and fences that your horse is grazing in. 
  • Experimentation - Similar to baits, trying different locations is often necessary. There are hundreds of variables that can affect the success of your fly trap. So be sure to move your trap(s) around different locations of your farm to maximize results.

How should I empty it ?

If you wish to empty and reuse your Fly Trap, you can either vacuum or shake the flies out through the small hole they entered in! They make great little snacks for your farm birds or chickens! :)

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      Reusable Fly Trap - The Ranch Outdoor Fly Trap Killer Bug Cage Net Perfect For Horses

      Sale price USD $19.99 Regular price USD $21.99

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